World of Asia is a very young and rapidly growing company which from the beginning put a huge emphasis on the best service and support for customers so successfully had found on the catering market ASIAN food products in Poland.

We are in very close relationships with the best producers in the EU and import products directly, from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China – this gives us confidence that the goods what we buy from our friends is always exemplary quality and in the best possible price.

asia food asia food


The needs of our Customers make it our base sales indices is constantly changing and growing from day to day - that we can count already in the thousands.


traditional vegetables
asian vegetables

Other articles:

sauce (soybean, oyster, chilli, fish)
curry paste (red, green, yellow)
noodles (soybean, wheat, rice)
rice paper (round, square)
dried mushrooms (shiitake, mun)
panko breading (fine, coarse)
rice (white, thai, for sushi)
aloe drinks and oriental juces
canned fruit and vegetables (traditional and oriental)
products for international cuisine (italian, greek)
products for sushi (algae, ginger, wasabi)
packaging and take away disposable cutlery
cleaning products


shrimp and seafood
fish and fillets
snacks banquet
oriental dumplings
solo vegetables and mixed vegetables

World of Asia

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